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     52203 Medulin,       

      Brajdine 95           
     Istra  -     CROATIA     



          +385 52 576 919

                       577 221 ,  


   cell phone:

   +385 91 795 63 26



        +385 52 576 919 






    Medulin has been ranked among the representatives of the Istrian tourism and it is one of fifteen  most famous bathing resort names on the Adriatic coast. Dynamic development of Medulin is based upon the evaluation of the natural fundamental and physiognomy of the gentle landscape.

  Every visitor coming to Medulin may find here a real oasis of peace and silence, rich in landscapes of this Mediterranean land scenery, but at the same time one can spend here a very dynamic holiday full of various facilities.

   The first tourist sparks on the Medulin bay coasts had appeared at the end of 19 and the beginning of 20 century. At that time Medulin was treated on the market of pleasures and entertainment as accompanying part while sightseeing the town of Pula, but very soon the things started changing and increasingly bigger attention was paid to Medulin.

    With the establishment of the society for the embelishment of Medulin at 1905 y., a forerunner of the first tourist organization, the first residential tourists had appeared in the place. Since then tourism in Medulin has progressed in gigantic steps. The Tourist Society of Medulin was founded in 1958., and in 1968 the Medulin Riviera enterprise was founded, and not long time after that in 1979 Medulin had accommodation capacity for more than 15 000 people


   The Medulin bay is ideal for the activities in water sports, but also on the land you will find a broad range of sports-recreation facilities. Mild winters conditioned by the Mediterranean climate and rich sports infrastructure make Medulin one of the favourite centres for sports preparations and training throughout the year, so that very frequently one can meet the most well-known Croatian and foreign representatives from the world of sports

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